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What Should I Know About Doing Business With Lawn Sprinkler Services?

Q: What makes Lawn Sprinkler Services different from other irrigation companies?

A: Professionalism, experience and equipment. 

Our company has been installing and servicing sprinkler systems since 2001.  Our technicians -- many with us from the start -- are all professionally trained.  In addition to being the ONLY local company with a staff member accredited in all three key areas of landscape irrigation, we are also a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSenseSM program.  That means we’re actually trained to save you water! 

Installing and servicing irrigation systems isn’t just our job, it’s our profession.  We pursue the highest standards of business ethics.  We answer the phone in person.  Our website (“Customer Log-In” section) allows customers to schedule appointments and pay bills online.  Our clean, uniformed staff arrives for appointments on time in fully-equipped company-branded vehicles.  We’re on call 24-hours a day, so if you have an emergency, we’ll be there.  The systems and parts we install are the highest quality from the most reputable firms.  We enjoy solid working relationships with all leading manufacturers.  It is our goal to make you a customer for life.

Q: Who are the people I deal with at Lawn Sprinkler Services?

A: Andy Veatch, Owner, is certified by the Irrigation Association (the national trade organization for sprinkler contractors) as a Certified Irrigation Designer, Certified Irrigation Contractor and Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.  These certifications achieved through hours of course study and years of training offer added assurance that your individually-designed and professionally-installed sprinkler system are ideally matched to your location, your vegetation and your requirements. 

Kerrick “OP” Opat, Service Manager, has 20+ years experience repairing and maintaining all types of sprinkler systems.  Overseeing a professionally trained and personally mentored staff of conscientious service technicians, “OP” is responsible for our consistently high level of customer service and customer satisfaction.

Andrew Jacobs, Installation Manager, earned his degree in Horticulture from KSU.  With his valuable combination of academic training and firsthand knowledge in both the care and feeding of plants and the installation of irrigation systems, Andrew and his staff pride themselves on installing systems uniquely suited to the plant life and settings they are intended to accommodate.

Q: How can dealing with Lawn Sprinkler Services save me money?

A: Every year we’re called to fix systems other companies have installed.  These repairs typically cost 30% or 40% more than the homeowner would have spent had they purchased a system from us in the first place.  “Builder” systems are often the worst.  Usually these are systems subcontracted by the Builder to some inexperienced sprinkler company at a cheap price, then marked up 10% and billed to the homeowner.  If the homeowner had contracted us directly, they may have paid slightly more than the “bargain” they got from the builder but they would have a quality-designed-and-installed system that could pay for itself with additional efficiency, lower repair bills and longer operating life.  Often the difference between quality and junk is a couple of hundred dollars.

Q. What is the procedure once we have accepted Lawn Sprinkler Services proposal?

A. We will call you about a week in advance of when we want to install your system. We call Kansas-One-Call to mark all Utilities in the yard. Two or three days before we’re scheduled to install, we confirm with you and arrange to meet the morning of the installation to go over details like where you would like the sprinkler controller, where to place the backflow preventer, what future plans you may have for your yard like fence location, future deck pool or shrub beds and so on. If all goes as planned, we have your sprinkler system up and running by the time you get home that evening. This allows us to get water on the yard, minimizes stress to the turf grass and starts healing up any vibratory plow marks. We also arrange a day and time to meet and review your system’s operation, to make sure you’re comfortable with the controller programming and know the locations of all the stations in your yard.